There’s a quiet stream by a large oak tree, the sun is shining, you don’t have any place to go or anything to do, you are relaxed, at piece with yourself, with the world. That’s meditation, but only a part of meditation. A second important part of meditation is the path to the quiet stream.  The path to this quite stream isn’t filled with self loathing or doubt because you keep finding yourself deep in thought. The path is quiet, but also filled with distracting thoughts like beautiful little birds fluttering down to try and get your attention. Those thoughts are an important part of meditation, they are key to getting to know your own mind. What kinds of things do you typically think about? Work, your family, stresses in your life? As the thoughts come into your mind gently let them dissolve.  You’re not the least bit disturbed by the birds as they swoop in and pull your mind away from your journey to the the quiet stream. You simply brush them gently away and continue on your way.

There are two simple goals to meditation, giving your mind a rest and taking some time each day to get to know how your mind works. They go hand in hand like jam on toast.

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