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Join us for this exciting workshop and explore the latest research into the body chemistry behind happiness!

The science is in, you have a lot more control over how happy you are than you realize. The secret lies in knowing how your lifestyle choices can increase or decrease the hormones that are linked to your feelings of contentment and happiness.  In this workshop you’ll learn the 7 lifestyle factors that can increase how happy you feel, you’ll get to try some of Beth’s favorite recipes, and take the Enjoying Health Happiness Assessment.

Every Taste of Health Adventure Includes the following:

  1. An exciting exploration into the latest scientific research on health and wellness.
  2. Simple lifestyle recommendations based on that research.
  3. A tasty selection of Simple Healthy Treats!
  4. An opportunity to meet and connect with some really cool people.

Our goal is to help you take the stress out of being healthy!

What people have to say about working with Beth… 

“Thank you Beth! Your workshop was wonderful. I enjoyed every session so much. You have inspired me to eat and live in a more healthful way. Your food treats were also delicious.” –Phyllis

“This was exactly what I was looking for—how to get healthier and really concrete examples of how to do it. I absolutely loved the Montana Mountain Cookies! They were fabulous. Thanks!”— Gretchen

“Beth has inspired me to take baby steps toward a healthier lifestyle. I grew up on Hamburger Helper and bologna, so I had to take it slow. Beth helped me with smaller changes that aren’t overwhelming—it’s made a big difference in our family!”—Angela

“Beth has really inspired me to start feeding my kids whole foods. Her recipes are easy to make and the kids love them. Try her Raspberry Almond cookies, there’s nothing but good stuff in them, and they’re great!—Julie

“I saw your presentation last night about the Paleo diet and thought it was one of the highlights of the event… humorous, informative, and engaging.”—Tom

Don’t be one of the statistics:

“40% of skinny people in the U.S. have metabolic disorder the precursor to diabetes, heart disease, cancer and dementia.” —Dan Buttner, How to Live to be 100 

 “Half of all American adults are destined to develop diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020.” —ABC News 


About Beth

Beth has a background in research methods, statistics, and motivational psychology which gives her the skills to critically assess the latest research and to help her clients translate that research into actionable lifestyle changes. As the Founder of EnjoyingHealth.com she believes that rater than focusing on depriving yourself of things you love that are bad for you as most people do, you should instead simply fill your life with things you love that are good for you and the bad lifestyle choices will fade away naturally. She has given workshops across the country,  coached individuals, families, and children, and worked as a personal chef for many years. She is the author of The Making of a Picky Eater, a book designed to help parents overcome the challenges of raising picky eaters. To have Beth speak at your next event, send your request to info@enjoyinghealth.com.


Join us for this exciting taste of health adventure!


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